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Karate Kid Restau Horrible Experience – Robinsons Metroeast Branch

On Sept 15, 2014, my mom and I went malling at Robinsons Metroeast. We were already starving when we saw Karate Kid. With us both being a fan of Japanese food, we decided to eat there for early dinner. There were only 3 tables occupied by that time, I wondered why. I ordered Beef Teriyaki Bento, (comprised of Beef Teriyaki, Yakisoba, 2pcs gyoza and red iced tea), while mom ordered “Creamy” Fishdon with rice (which was really dry, I cant figure out where they got that “creamy” word). Plus we ordered 8pcs California Maki.

The “Creamy” Fishdon was served first, and we were a bit disappointed with how it looks as it was really dry. Not appetizing at all. Then comes the California Maki. Since my Beef Teriyaki order hasn’t arrived yet, and me being hungry, I ate 1pc of the Maki first. I tasted that there’s something wrong with it, like it was already spoiled. But I didn’t mind it and I thought it could just be the mayo on top. So I just swallowed it fast. And as I said earlier, I was really starving, so i had another piece. Same thing, and I swallowed it fast again.

Mom, (being a fan of California Maki in any Japanese restau) took 1pc as well. And without even finishing that piece, she told me that it is already spoiled. Panis. Sira.

That confirmed my initial taste for what I ate and I just want to throw up!

Then my Beef Teriyaki arrived. I told the server that the Maki is already spoiled. He took the plate inside their kitchen. And when he came out he was asking me to just order another in the menu. I told him to call the manager because I don’t want to order another and just want the Maki to be refunded.
The supervisor came out, my mom apologized to him for the inconvenience of refunding. And so, being very cool about it, he did the refund, then just placed the money on the table and went back inside.  

Yes. Without ANY apologies.

I got really pissed off. I asked the server to call him again. When he came out, thats when I asked him why I never heard even a single apology from him and it was even my mom who said sorry when I asked for the refund of the Maki. Then he finally apologized and said that he went inside to check on the Maki that was served blah blah blah. I told him that being a supervisor he should know how to handle such situations.

I asked him what happened to the Maki, he said that it could be the mango being spoiled. But we told him its the rice that’s spoiled. Nevertheless, be it the rice or mango or whatever they can blame it on, they still shouldn’t be serving ANY food below quality.

I asked him to have everything refunded as I didn’t want to take risk in eating their food anymore. By the way, mom tried to have a taste of the gyoza from the Bento meal I ordered and she said that it tasted a bit foul also… tsk tsk..

I asked him to call the manager since he is just a supevisor. When the lady manager came out, I asked her if she knows whats happening and she said Yes. I told her that since she already knew, why didnt she even come out to face me, knowing that theres already such incident. She said that she is controlling the production inside and having a taste test for all the Maki. I told her that being a manager, and having such a commotion, she should’ve came out and be responsible for what happened. I told them that if only I got an apology at first, we wouldn’t arrive to that point. Yes, only apologies, I even told them that I never wanted any complimentary from them. That also answered my question in mind why there are lots of vacant tables everytime I passby their “eatery”.

I asked them to put their names at the back of the receipt as well as their company’s email address. She took mine as well and asked her to keep me in the loop as I want to see how they will respond on this and the actions they will be taking.

Yup.. it’s Karate Kid Robinsons Metroeast branch.

And I think it would take some time before I eat Maki again. (Trauma)

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DONT EVER EVER EVER GO TO HAIR TO GO SALON, ST FRANCIS ORTIGAS! I just had a VERY VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THEM. This may be long but I want to share to all of you my experience.

I visited this salon para samahan lang dapat ang friend ko na mag pa digiperm na kinuha nyang voucher. And since andun na rn ako, I thought na magpa rebond na ako since mejo wavy na hair ko. So the receptionist (Priscilla) gave me the price of Php2500 kasama na cellophane. Ung gumawa skn is si Jun (SENIOR HAIRSTYLIST DAW).  So ginawa na ung hair ko and ok nmn ung pagalis ko ng salon (kc xempre bnlower and iron ang hair ko). When I got home and checked my bag, I saw the receipt that Priscilla gave me, nkalagay dun “Permanent Blowdry + Mahogany Cellophane”. Dun pa lang nagtaka ako bkit ndi Rebond ang inilagay.

After 3 days pagkabanlaw ng hair ko, I was really shocked coz mas kumulot pa xa compared sa hair ko nung nagpunta ako dun, (NOTE: my hair is just wavy) so I called Jun and told him of what happened. I told him na ppunta ako ng 10am kinabukasan dun dahil may lakad ako sa hapon and so he agreed. Come 10am, WALANG TAO SA SALON, nauna pa ko sa nagbukas ng salon, and Jun was not even there yet! I  was really pissed off! 12NN pa dumating c Jun! Imagine my frustration (kulot ang hair, naghintay ng 2hrs para kay Jun, and may lakad ako ng hapon! and I need to sit for more than 5 hrs again to have my hair re-treated AGAIN! aargh!) I kept on asking the staff regarding the owner’s number, walang nagbibigay, wala daw sila contact number nun, which I find very odd kasi what if may mangyare sa salon, wala sila contact??! That’s BS! What they gave me is yung number nung isa pang receptionist named Lyn sa Skin Central (Sister Company ng Hair To Go and same yung owner). And also, I asked Priscilla why she put on the receipt “Permanent Blowdry” instead of Rebond, and even the name of the stylist na nakalagay dun is “Noel” not Jun. Sabi nya same lang naman daw kasi ang Permanent Blowdry sa Rebond. (Hello??! And why didn’t you just write rebond then??!) I asked her to change it to rebond and change the name of the stylist to “Jun”.

So when Jun arrived, ginawa nya uli buhok ko, he was giving me excuses and reasons na dahil daw sa chemicals ng hair ko kaya ndi kumapit ang gamot. I told him (and I even told this to him nung unang punta ko) na more than a year na yung last na rebond ko, and never naman ako nagpapacolor ng hair, so asan ang chemicals dun?! And this was not even my first time to have my hair rebonded, but this is the first time I got shocking results! AND I DIDN”T EVEN USE A VOUCHER PARA TIPIRIN NILA ANG BUHOK KO! I PAID THE REGULAR PRICE!

So after ng back job nya sa hair ko, he assured me na magiging ok na ang hair ko. I noticed din na mas marami na ung gnamit nya na gamot sa hair ko compared last time. (Yung gumawa sa hair ng friend ko told her na tinitipid daw talaga ang gamot dun) I told him that I dont want to see him again after 3 days. I also learned from them na masama daw ugali ng owner kasi grabe daw yung pagmumura sa kanila nun kapag may nagrereklamo. Which answered my question “WHY THEY DON”T HAVE THE OWNER”S NUMBER??!!”

After 3 days, eto na naman! Im soooooooooo disappointed and disatisfied and pissed off! Wavy pa rin ang hair ko??!! I called Lyn (from Skin Central) and I told her that I want my money back! And again, she told me that she doesnt have the number of the owner (BS AGAIN) but she told me that she will let the owner know of my concern since every night daw nagppunta ung owner sa salon. I told her to call the owner  right away coz I really want my money back, and that I dont believe that they dont have any contact number of the owner. THEN SHE HUNG UP ON ME! When I called again, it was Jun who answered and nakikipagtalo sya skn sa fone, he said na they will not give my money back kasi nung umalis daw ako ng salon, maayos daw ang hair ko. I told him na natural na maayos ang hair ko pagalis ko kasi nagblowdry and iron nya ang hair ko! And bakit daw nila ibibigay ang pera ko eh gumamit daw uli sila ng gamot for my back job! Sobrang irita talaga ko…

Now I’m left with my dry, wavy hair! All I want is my money back coz the result is definitely not even worth my money, not worth every penny!

BTW, yung friend ko na nagpa digiperm, babalik nya rin ang hair nya coz muka lang buhaghag ang hair nya pagkabanlaw. And this day babalik xa and suggestion nung “Noel” is irerebond na lng daw xa at no extra cost daw. (999 amount ng digiperm na voucher nya).

When my friend went there, she said that “Tin” (the owner) was there. So I immediately called Priscilla (receptionist) but I believe it was Jun who answered my call and said that Tin was not there. I told him that my friend is in your salon and she said to me that Tin IS there! and then I just hung up and called my friend’s phone so I can be passed on to Tin. and JUN again took the call from my friend’s phone and told me that Tin just passed by and already went out then passed the phone back to my friend. My friend swore it is really TIN because Jun and Lyn were explaining things to her and reasoning out on what happened, and even said that I was cursing Lyn! WHICH I NEVER DID!!! My friend approached the said “TIN” and asked her on what she can do about my situation, she said that “TIN” is abroad and that she is just the sister and HINDI DAW SYA NAKIKIALAM SA MGA NANGYAYARING GANUN SA SALON. I wonder ano ginagawa nya dun! And according to my friend mukhang antipatika din yung “Tin” na yun!

THIS SALON IS FULL OF UNPROFESSIONAL STYLISTS AND LIARS, EVEN THE OWNER! LOVE YOUR HAIR, DONT EVER GO TO THIS SALON! I’m not surprised anymore kung bakit nung second time na nagpunta ako dun which is Saturday, walang ka-tao tao regardless of their promo sa mga voucher.

I’ve learned my lesson. Now I’m sharing with all of you. Coz I dont think I can still get a refund of my money dahil lahat sila liars.

Now all I can do is wait for few more months para mapaayos ko uli hair ko, and I swear, I WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO “HAIR TO GO SALON!!!”